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About us

Metroteka is a calibration laboratory with one of the largest ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation scopes in Europe, comprising 37 accredited calibration methods for 11 physical parameters. To achieve that in just 10 years we had to be focused on innovation and high service quality. Innovative thinking directed us toward the development of software solutions (LorisQ), and our obsession with quality brought us to become an authority in the area of Lean Six Sigma consulting and education. Wide range of industries that we have collaborated with confirms that we can fully adapt to the client, and our programmes are best rated in region year after year.

Did you know...

# Metroteka successfully performed in every international interlaboratory comparison (ILC) , since its beginnings in 2009. 

# Metroteka's policy is that every calibration certificate must be available to clients in maximum 24 hours after the calibration ended

# According to the last poll, 91% of our clients think that Metroteka is among the calibration labs with highest quality service available on the market

# Metroteka lead the calibration accreditation in Croatia by being the first ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for calibration in the fields of relative humidity (2009.), pH (2014.) and conductivity (2016.); temperature and climatic chambers (2009.), autoclaves and centrifuges (2014.); calibration of extreme temperatures above +1000 ºC (2009.) and below -100 ºC (2014.) and calibration of piston pipettes below 10 ul (2013.)

# Metroteka is ISO 17025 accredited for the calibration of the greatest number of physical parameters in Croatia: length, temperature, relative humidity, density, volume, pressure, pH, conductivity, frequency, mass and torque.

# Metroteka provides consulting and education programmes in the fields of metrology and Lean Six Sigma, and is best rated in region. 

# Since 2011. we are sponsors of Zagreb ZOO, where we support biological diversity by assuring ideal temperature and relative humidity for endangered species such as slow lors and Victoria crowned pidgeon.

# For a few months in 2014., Metroteka performed 24/7 measurements of temperature and relative humidity in the vicinity of Caravaggio's painting "The Supper at Emmaus" in accordance with request from Pinacoteca in Milano, so that this hundreds of years old artwork could stay undamaged and protected for the future generations.

# In 2016. Metroteka started humanitarian sport matches to help finance sport activities for children with autism.

# From 2016. Metroteka supports the annual Congress of Women Entrepreneurs in Southeast Europe, because we believe that equal opportunities in economy for women is a prerequisite for the healthy development of the society as a whole.

Thanks for your support and for understanding the importance of measurement and process quality.

We are looking forward to work with you in the future!

Danijela Arhanić VadljaMetrologist
Mirna FakinDevelopment and Improvement Manager
Filip FlegoQuality Manager
Ana ImrovićOffice Administrator
Antonia LupisBusiness Development and Sales Manager
Marija PavlovićHead of Laboratory
Filip PetricMetrologist
Irena Pozder ViolićOffice and Sales Manager
Siniša PrugovečkiGeneral Manager
Lidija SartaHead of Training and Consulting
Miro TurčinovićMetrologist and GxP Qualification Specialist


Krajnji primatelj financijskog instrumenta sufinanciranog iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj u sklopu Operativnog programa “Konkurentnost i kohezija”.

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