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Construction has always been on the front line of introducing global standards and quality, in manufacturing, inspection and certification bodies and ISO 17025 accredited testing labs. Our customers come from all the above mentioned lines of work.

In our ISO 17025 scope of accreditation for temperature and relative humidity calibration you can find almost all forms of thermometers (contact and non-contact), hygrometers and thermohygrometers. And apart from measuring instruments we can provide ISO 17025 accredited calibration of dry ovens, baths, furnaces and climatic chambers.

We are also accredited for calibration of various length measuring instruments like Vernier and digital calipers, height and depth gauges, different types of micrometers and thickness gauges, length and diameter standards, dial indicators, electric length gauges, rulers and measuring tapes. With our partners we can provide and organize accredited calibration of all other length measuring instrument which we cannot calibrate ourselves.

Instruments for measuring pressure, volume, density, rotational frequency and chemical quantities are also within our scope of accreditation. For you, we can also organize accredited calibrations performed by our partner laboratories in the EU (e.g. balances and weights, but also luxmeters and tachometers for which there are no accredited laboratories nearby).


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