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Food and HACCP

Our customers are large multinationals, extraordinary local food manufacturers, ISO 17025 accredited food testing laboratories, and also small restaurants. We believe that the quality of our service must be the same for everyone, because only then can we achieve the maximum level of food quality and safety for the consumer.

In our ISO 17025 scope of accreditation for temperature and relative humidity calibration you can find almost all forms of thermometers (contact and non-contact), hygrometers and thermohygrometers. And apart from measuring instruments we can provide ISO 17025 accredited calibration and qualification with additional tests for freezers, coolers, incubators, dry ovens, sterilizers, baths, furnaces and climatic chambers.

Our ISO 17025 scope of accreditation for volume includes piston pipettes, burettes, dispensers (even the smallest ones, e.g. 1 ul) and volumetric glassware (pipettes, burettes, graduated cylinders, flasks, pycnometers...). For mostpiston instruments we can organize service and repair.

We were the first in Croatia to provide accredited calibration of pH-meters, autoclaves, centrifuges and conductivity meters.

Instruments for measuring length, density and pressure are also within our scope of accreditation. For you, we can also organize accredited calibrations performed by our partner laboratories in the EU (e.g. balances and weights, but also luxmeters and tachometers for which there are no accredited laboratories nearby).

For temperature mapping we are able to quickly inspect your location, write down a customized mapping plan, perform measurements and deliver reports in just a few days. Data loggers that we use for temperature mapping are constantly checked by our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory, which is our advantage, because we do not depend on outside calibration which is usually performed once every 12 months. Metroteka is the first in Croatia and the region to offer not only temperature mapping reports, but also ISO 17025 accredited calibration of temperature chambers bigger than 2000 liters, like cold rooms.


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