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Loris is an extraordinary online platform for measuring and monitoring equipment management. It handles all of your equipment records and activities in an user-friendly way never experienced before. Improve safety, schedule activities, visualise data history, prevent out-of-tolerance events, double your measuring accuracy (oh yes!), have all your data on your computer, tablet and smartphone, speed up the communications between your technicians and service providers and whats not. And finally take the stress out of your internal and external quality audits.

If you are the end user of measuring and monitoring equipment (e.g. testing lab, manufacturer etc.) LorisQ will:

  • cut down on paperwork and save up to 90% of your time
  • unbelievably simplify your organization of calibration, qualification and repair
  • improve your management of equipment certificates and records "in the cloud"
  • improve the communication both with your outsourced service providers and inside your organization
  • provide the means for risk analysis and reduce out-of-cal and non-conformity events
  • provide the most advanced logbook system for all your notes and records on equipment
  • improve the accuracy of your measurements with your smartphone

If you are a service provider for somebody else's equipment (e.g. a calibration lab, qualification provider, repair service..) LorisQ will:

  • greatly improve the quality of your service compared with your competition
  • improve your organization and planning of tasks
  • improve the quality of certificate, report and internal record management "in the cloud"
  • make your workflow with certificates and reports more efficient
  • improve the communication with your customers and within your company

LorisQ is currently in the test phase. If you would like to try it out, contact us.



Will the data from the Loris application be in my LorisQ database?
Yes. As soon as you start using LorisQ.
We currently use a different software solution, but we would like to switch to LorisQ.Will I be able to transfer all my data to LorisQ easily
Yes. LorisQ will have the feature of importing Excel worksheets with all your data.