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Educational programs

15.10.2020. 09:00, Zagreb

How to correctly use your thermometer

Learn more about different kind of thermometers, how to properly buy and use them. Also, manage how to correctly measure temperature and avoid common errors in order to improve reliability and accuracy of results.

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23.09.2021. 09:00, Zagreb

Calibration, qualification and verification of temperature chambers

Learn how to conduct verification of temperature chambers including refrigerators, freezers, incubators, driers, sterilisers and more about autoclave basics. Use your data to make improvements.

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31.12.2021. 09:00, Zagreb

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Learn how to resolve any problem within organisation using DMAIC methodology based on facts and data. With LSS tools you will be able to improve the quality of your products and services.

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15.06.2021. 09:00, City Plaza Zagreb

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

After Yellow Belt certification, learn how to apply new set of tools as SMED, MSA, FMEA, Spaghetti diagram, process capability and many others in order to improve products and effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

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December 2021, Gdje god nas trebate....

In house & "one on one" training

Our Lean Six Sigma and metrology training we can conduct in your organization when this is convenient for you. Also we have exclusive "one on one" trainings tailored to your needs.

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08.06.2021. 09:00, Metroteka

FMEA Workshop

Learn how to use FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) tool for risk analysis and risk management on half day workshop.

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Training – Experience & Knowledge

Metroteka's Lean Six Sigma training programme provides answers and helps you to improve the quality of your sevices, products and processes, and regarding the most important challenge you will be able to assure that those improvements are continuously integrated. Lean Six Sigma methodology is intended to improve business performance, to reduce complaints and errors, raise the level of satisfaction of your clients and your employees at the same time, and to reduce costs in general.

In order to improve the quality of your products and services and prepare yourself for inspections and audits, we will help you with our knowledge and experience through wide variety of our training programmes in the fields of measurement uncertainty, traceability, accuracy improvement, internal checks and performing measurements correctly, as well as management of measuring equipment and laboratory organization.