ISO 17025 calibration, qualification and mapping

ISO 17025 calibration, qualification and mapping

Metroteka’s objective is to achieve more accurate and reliable measurements in technical industries, healthcare, test laboratories, and, in general, wherever measurements are of key importance for results based on quality assurance. In other words – true measurement values but also true values in a wider sense.

Metroteka is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory with over 30 calibration methods for almost a dozen physical parameters, making us one of the largest calibration laboratories in Europe when it comes to the scope and diversity of our accredited calibration methods.

Aware of the fact that fast calibration is one of the most essential factors for client satisfaction, but also one of the critical parameters of excellence, our policy is that each calibration certificate must be available to the client within a maximum of 24 hours from the completion of calibration. Prompt response to inquiries and an emphasis on complaisance and courtesy of our staff are equally important to us. These are only some of the reasons why our clients keep choosing us over and over again, which is apparent in the results of client surveys, where we regularly score receive the highest score by over 90% of our clients.

Our clients

Through regular client satisfaction surveys, we constantly strive to identify any areas to further develop and improve our services, even though we routinely receive the highest grade by 91% of our clients.

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