Laboratory volumetric instruments

Piston pipettes, burettes, dispensers1 μl to 1000 ml
Glass pipettes, burettes, volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders and other graduated measuring glassware0.1 ml to 2000 ml
Pycnometers0.1 ml to 2000 ml

Piston pipettes and other volumetric instruments are tools used on a daily basis in many laboratory operations, inevitabley leading to wear and tear of their components. In our experience, at least 20% of piston pipettes used in laboratories do not meet the relevant requirements of ISO 8655-2 and therefore require calibration and adjustment more frequently than other types of instruments. Accredited calibration ensures reliability of critical pipette parameters (systematic error and coefficient of variation), and is conducted under strictly controlled environmental conditions. Factors that are taken into account due to their effect on the measurement uncertainty include water and air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and a number of characteristics depending on the balance used.

Particularly sensitive are the lowest volume pipettes, and therefore we were the first in Croatia to offer accredited calibration in the range below 20 μl, as early as in 2012. In addition to piston-operated volumetric instruments, you can entrust us with calibration of glass pipettes, graduated cylinders and pycnometers where thermal expansion, which depends on the type of glass, requires particular attention.

For our clients to be fully confident in the results of their piston-operated volumetric instruments, we collaborate with an independent partner to provide the required adjusting and servicing if needed. Furthermore, Metroteka does not act as an representative of any manufacturer, guaranteeing our unbiased approach to each instrument.