Metrology training courses

Metrology training courses

Precision, accuracy and efficiency are essential in practically every activity. To achieve these, we use measuring instruments with ensured reliability  due to routine  calibration and internal checks.

How to carry out such activities properly, what are our responsibilities, how to interpret calibration certificates with a perspective on  improving the instrument’s accuracy and preventing future problems, and how to efficiently organise a laboratory – these are the topics of our open-type training courses.

When necessary, we can organise them at a desired location and fully adapt ourselves to the clients’ requirements. They also include workshops where the attendees learn from real-life cases, a so as to properly apply their acquired knowledge in their own working environment.

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Through regular client satisfaction surveys, we are trying to identify the room for development and improvement of our services which have been assigned the highest grade by 91% of our clients.

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“I am very satisfied with the training at Metroteka. The theoretical part was explained in a very clear and easy to understand way allowing me to apply the acquired knowledge in preparation for different measurement reports on a daily basis. Strongly recommended!”

Ines Duilo
AD Plastik d.d.

“The training courses organised by Metroteka are interesting, instructive and useful. The instructors are open for any questions, kind and cooperative. Practical problem solving was the part of the training that I found particularly interesting. I absolutely recommend these training courses.”

Valentina Matas
METRO Cash & Carry d.o.o.

“Training courses have helped me a lot in my daily work, interpretation of calibration results and their practical application for improving measurement quality and laboratory work.”

Maja Žunko Ramljak
Atlantic Grupa d.d.

Photographs from the training courses