pH-meters and conductivity meters

pH meters1 to 12.45 (pH)
Conductivity meters0 uS/cm to 10000 uS/cm

Conductivity and pH are likely the two most frequent chemical properties measured in water. Calibration of pH-meters is performed by electrical simulation whereby, in addition to information concerning the accuracy of the pH-meter, we can also provide additional information about the electrode’s condition.

When calibrating conductivity meters using ISO/IEC 17025 certified liquids, we pay special attention to temperature since it can greatly affect the results (the calibration is performed at a temperature stability of ±0.1 °C!), as well as to the properties of certified liquids that have the greatest influence on measurement uncertainty, while also having tendencies to vary over time.

We were the first in Croatia to get accreditation for calibration in the field of chemical parameters for pH-meters in 2014 and for conductivity meters in 2016, and thus able to provide reliable information and results to our clients. In addition to the accuracy of results, we also guarantee their independence, since we are neither a representative nor a repair service provider of any particular manufacturer.