Digital and bimetal thermometers, resistor probes, thermocouples, thermistors-95 °C to +1200 °C
Glass thermometers-95 °C to +450 °C
Infrared thermometers and thermal imaging camera-30 °C to +500 °C

Temperature measuring has always been the most distinctive field of activity for Metroteka, and it is in this field that we have been continuously broadening our scope of accreditation and improving our measuring capabilities.

Temperature measuring is performed indirectly, via parameters changing under the influence of temperature. With contact thermometers, these can include e.g. thermal expansion of materials, change in resistance or the potential difference of wires made of different alloys. In the case of IR thermometers, the intensity of radiation within a limited wavelength range is measured.

In order to achieve the most reliable calibration results possible, and hence ensure the highest measurement accuracy possible, we adopted an individual approach to each instrument, with particular reference to its specific contribution to measurement uncertainty which greatly depends on the type and model of the thermometer in question.