In addition to hospitals, healthcare institutions and other laboratories and pharmacies, our clients also include agencies for medicinal products and devices such as HALMED. In the healthcare domain, we insist on the same quality level as in the pharmaceutical industry, because our results have a far-reaching influence on human safety and health.

Our HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited scope of calibration of temperature and relative humidity includes almost all types of thermometers (for both contact and contactless measurements), hygrometers and thermo-hygrometers. In addition to measuring instruments, we are also accredited for calibration of devices such as freezers, refrigerators, thermostats, incubators, drying ovens, sterilisers, baths, furnaces, climatic chambers and autoclaves. We also conduct chamber qualification processes in accordance with your specific protocols as well as with recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our scope of accreditation for volumetric instruments covers piston pipettes, burettes and dispensers (even the smallest ones of only 1 µl), measuring glassware (pipettes, burettes, graduated cylinders, flasks, beakers, etc.) and pycnometers. For a majority of piston-operated volumetric instruments, we also provide repair services. We were the first in Croatia to receive accreditation for the calibration of centrifuges, pH-meters and conductivity meters. The rest of our accredited scope includes balances, torque wrenches and different kinds of length, pressure, density and frequency measuring devices.

We also perform temperature mapping of warehouses, cold rooms and transport vehicles. We were the first in Croatia and the region to offer, accredited calibration of temperature chambers with a capacity over 2000 litres, such as cold rooms, in addition to standard mapping reports. We are able to carry out area inspection, prepare mapping plans, conduct measurements and deliver relevant reports within a time frame of few days. Additionally, all data loggers we use are constantly supervised by our own accredited calibration laboratory, enabling us to prioritise the certainty and expedition of the results, since we do not depend on the services of any third-party calibration laboratory.

Quality of laboratory test results is our common interest. Regardless of whether you are already accredited, in the process of accreditation or the accreditation is not your objective, we believe that the integrity and certainty of measurements are your priority. Laboratory test results are one of the foundations of the functioning of a society as a whole. Contact us with confidence.

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